Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spring 2014 Submissions Closed

The submissions period for Issue 5 is now closed.  Again we are happy to say to all those who submitted: thank you!

We've come to the time of anticipation, and there is much to anticipate, we assure you.  We have some really lovely pieces lined up for the "No Theme" issue of Episodic.  You all really put your best and most literary feet forward on this one.  And we haven't even reviewed all of the submissions yet!  Who knows what other gems may be awaiting!  Look at how many exclamation points are being used!  This is quite serious!  Alright, alright.

If you didn't have a chance to submit this round, or you have submitted but you do not make it into the Spring 2014 issue, do not despair.  I suggest googling: "Ira Glass The Gap Vimeo."  That ought to invigorate, inspire and cheer you right up.

By April, all notification emails will be sent out by the editors and the fifth issue of Episodic will be ready for the public!

Sneak peeks?  Perhaps...