Episodic is currently CLOSED to submissions.

What kinds of works does Episodic publish?
Poems, short fiction, non-fiction (ex. narratives, essays), excerpts from larger works, sketches, photography or any combination of the above. If there is another art medium you feel would contribute to the concept of Episodic, feel free to email making a case for that as well.

In terms of what we are not looking for—erotica or excessively explicit texts.  Rather than slamming our fists on the table about it, we ask that writers use discretion (keeping it pretty darn PG-13 should do the trick).

When and how do I submit to Episodic?
Episodic has two functions: to share the work of practiced artists, and to offer opportunities for new and dabbling artists to showcase theirs.  To mirror this dual vision, the magazine itself is split into two parts.

Episodic Artists Gallery — This section allots each artist a "chapter" in the magazine, where a collection of works can be presented.

Thematic Section — This section will be tied together by a different theme each issue; artists can submit a piece relevant to that theme to be featured there.

When you submit to Episodic please follow the guidelines below.
Title your submission email with your last name, Visual or Literary (pretty self-explanatory) and Portfolio or Thematic (Portfolio if you are applying for the Episodic Artists Gallery; Thematic if you are apply to the Thematic Section).
Ex. Smith Literary Portfolio Submission, or Smith Visual Thematic Submission
Include in the body of your submission email your full name, the number of pieces you are submitting, and a short bio (3-5 sentences), which will be included in the issue if your piece(s) are selected. 
Attach your document as a .pdf file if written, or .jpg file if images.  Please try to fit your submission in one document.
Between 5-10 pieces should be submitted in a portfolio for consideration in the Artists Gallery.  Up to 3 pieces may be submitted for feature in the Thematic Section.  P.S. Episodic may also offer to publish on the blog pieces that have not been accepted into the digital magazine but have still be admired by the editors. 
Simultaneous submissions are acceptable, however pieces must be withdrawn when they have been accepted elsewhere.   
Length restrictions 
Flash fiction, < 800 words
Essays, maximum 2000 words
Short stories, maximum 2000 words 
There are no reading fees.

Submit to episodicmag@gmail.com

Do I maintain the rights to my work?
Yes!  Episodic retains first publication rights to pieces published in the magazine.  Artists should credit us as the first place of publication, but you maintain the rights to your pieces after they've appeared in our magazine.  

How else can I become involved with Episodic?
Help get the word out!  Copy and paste the html Episodic widget in the right-hand sidebar onto your blog and tell your friends!

Is Episodic available in print?

Not currently.  We would love for it to be printed, bound and available for purchase in the foreseeable future, but that really all depends on you—the readers and general audience!  More on this soon.