photo (4)Founder & Head Editor 
Cheyenne Varner works for a non-profit in Richmond, Virginia.  She earned her bachelor's in Educational Activism in the Arts, covering the disciplines of Rhetoric and Communication, Education, Sociology and Theatre.  She also studied and continues to pursue creative writing.  Her writing consists of poetry, short fiction and novels.  

photo (4) Visual Arts Editor
Alyson Fraser is an undergraduate student majoring in Leadership Studies with a minor in Women's Studies. She is a volunteer Young Life leader and enjoys singing with her school gospel choir. When she has free time, she loves photography and painting and is inspired by the small joys of life.

photo (4)Literary Arts Editor
Renia White studies journalism and English in Washington, DC. She believes in the power of high-rise views, mangoes, and James Baldwin.

Managing Editor
Naomi Zewde is a doctoral candidate studying health economics at Penn State. She writes poetry, plays the keyboard and longboards. As managing editor for Episodic Magazine, Naomi assists with managerial decisions to keep the organization growing and running smoothly.

Social Media Manager
Mike Hobson is a recent graduate of the Penn State College of the Liberal Arts, where he majored in English. He enjoys reading, writing, and playing drums. Some of his favorite writers include David Foster Wallace, Don DeLillo, Kurt Vonnegut, and Thomas Pynchon.

Winter 2012
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