Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Coming Up: 

It's been a long and crazy break between April and now.  In this time, two of the three staff members of Episodic have begun the transition from college to the so-called "real world" (goodbye undergraduate status, we wave goodbye to you!).  With so much uncertainty ahead it's been nice to remember that Episodic remains, and encouraging, for me at least, to think again on what Episodic means.  Big life events like graduations have a way of pulling in memories from all along the path of life.  I have found my mind wandering through all sorts of little stories in my past: the day I heard about my university, my first truly terrible paper grade (History course first semester freshman year), the time I cried sitting by the lion fountain, my first times meeting my best friends there, when the earth quaked while I sat in my advisor's office, and the paths of all the relationships that formed, grew, fell away/still grow on today.  I find this feeling to be a little overwhelming, very humbling, and incredibly beautiful.  I encourage you too, readers, to take a break today—ten or so minutes—to think about the experiences that stick out in your minds—what has made you who you are, gotten you where you are, reading this little blurb today?

Back to scheduled announcement-making: tomorrow we will announce the theme for Episodic's third issue, Summer 2013.  I'm excited!  Are you excited?  Get excited!