Saturday, January 12, 2013

Episodic's New Structure!

Episodic is about excellent artwork that exposes the subtle beauties and struggles in life — the everyday, the all-the-time.  This kind of artwork isn't necessarily born of degrees and previous publication.  It isn't necessarily confined to the presentation of portfolios.  Recognizing this, the editors of Episodic have further defined it's vision:

(1) to showcase multiple pieces of art from developed artists who may or may not have been previously published, and
(2) to provide opportunities for publication to new artists, as well as dabblers

After careful thought and consideration, the Episodic team is pleased to present to you the revised structure of the magazine, a structure divided into two separate but related sections: 
Episodic Artists Gallery — This section allots each artist a "chapter" in the magazine, where his/her collection of works can be presented. 
Thematic Section — This section will be tied together by a different theme each issue; artists can submit a piece relevant to that theme to be featured there.
With this new structure will come a new format for submissions!  You will still submit to, but there will be a few new guidelines to keep everything organized.  You can find all of that information on the updated FAQ page.