Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Submissions 2012

Episodic is now open to submissions for fall of 2012.

Episodic is an adjective, defined as "divided into separate or tenuously related parts or sections; loosely connected."  Episodicality (to stretch the capability of the word) assumes that objects are – in some aspect – not necessarily meant to be together; yet it is also what ties them – whether "they" are our many experiences forming one person, our many words crafting prose and poetry, or our many images creating albums and films.  Episodic is dedicated to the jigsaw-ness of life – the way it fits together – the big picture made up of many meaningful smaller pictures.

Submissions may be poems, short fiction, non-fiction, excerpts from larger works, sketches or photography. If there is another art medium you feel would contribute to the concept of Episodic, feel free to email making a case for that as well.  The submission period ends November 15th.  Simultaneous submissions are acceptable; no more than ten pieces of writing, fifteen of sketches or photographs.

Send all submissions to:

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: Artists retain the copyright for all works published by Episodic.